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  • We are now offering 7x10 carbon rails with weight limit of 210lbs (95kg).
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We believe that in order to fully realize a person's potential, their environment needs to be customized to them.

Mass production got us pretty far till now, but, sometimes, not far enough. Our goal is mass customization.

Saddle-making is one step to meeting our goal: it illuminates key aspects of mass customization. We gather feedback and experiences from cyclists, and translate them into corresponding user options and design algorithms. With the availability of cloud computing resources and the well-connected world that is the Internet, we can scale easily and have everyone benefit from this feedback.

We create body-customized road, triathlon and time trial bike saddles based on your anatomy's pressure map.

Design centered around your anatomy's pressure map ensuring fit from the start.

  • you get a comfortable saddle,
  • no need to buy and test multiple saddles,
  • saddle-related issues eliminated.

Control over some aspects of the saddle design.

  • you get the riding experience you want,
  • you get the saddle aesthetics you want.

A flexible saddle supporting a range of postures, distributing pressure over a larger area thereby improving comfort.

੦ Upright on the tops.
੦ Hips rotated forward.
੦ Aggressive on-the-nose.

Our saddles are customized not in the sense that we make whatever is requested for, but that each is made to fit a specific rider's anatomy.

We do not modify our saddles based on how they are installed by riders. It is the other way round: it is the riders' responsibility to ensure that our saddles are installed and used according to our instructions in order for them to function as designed.

1. You sign up for the saddle-making process.
2. After payment, we'll send you an impression kit.
3. Your anatomy's pressure map is captured.
4. You return the kit.
5. You alter your online saddle model to your satisfaction.
6. You get the saddle that fits you.
We are currently in the fall-winter period where prices are generally lower.
Note that orders placed within this period will require that the imprint capture and saddle model submission be completed within a month.
Pricing starts at US$265 with normal carbon shell + metal rails
with carbon rails +US$85
with Alps carbon shell +US$20
with triathlon/TT carbon shell +US$10
E.g. price of Alps carbon shell with metal rails = $265 + $20 = $285

Please contact us before placing an order if you:

  • have a medical condition requiring an asymmetric saddle
  • need expedited processing

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