Mar 2020
Our test saddles are now available! They are not used for testing comfort, but for checking that a rider's bike allows for proper fore/aft installation of the saddle so that the latter can function as designed. Any Meld saddle (except those with short rails) can also be used to test this. For more info, check our main page.

Mar 2020
We are still making saddles! So far there has been no foreseeable delay in getting one of our saddles into your hands. Stay healthy, keep pedaling!

Oct 2020
Our triathlon/time-trial saddles have exited beta testing! They have thicker padding, an effective flexibility close to our Alps road saddles, and have a weight limit of 210 lbs.

May 2021
We have upgraded our website backend software with updates to all major software components. There are minimal changes to the user interface. If you notice any issues, let us know right away!

Jun 2021
We often hear of how our users convinced their friends and family to use our saddles. As a token of our appreciation, we are giving away a 10% discount for each referral. Details can be found [ here ].